Landscape management and garden construction engineering

BSC English

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Landscape management and garden construction engineering

Landscape manager and garden constructor engineers are qualified to work in the fields of landscape   and garden construction, maintenance, operation and to deal with value protection issues of the landscape. They have to proper knowledge to improve the quality of the environment. They are also trained to fill positions of technical department of municipalities, specialised authorities.  However, landscape manager and garden constructor engineers are not licenced landscape architects, they can work on small design task, like family gardens.

Admission criteria:

In order to be admitted to the BSc programme or to individual semesters, you are required:

  • To have at least a high school graduation
  • To show evidence of a sufficient oral and written command of the English language. If English is not your mother tongue, an English language test is required.
  • To have the ability to interact and work with people from very diverse cultures and backgrounds.

English Language Test:
Native speakers and applicants who have completed their bachelor and/or master level studies in English will be exempt from providing proof of English language proficiency.

Non-native English applicants usually must have one of the language certificates listed below:

  • TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language Score: 80 (Internet based).
  • IELTS overall band 5.5 or above or
  • Other international B2 level exam certificate in English.


Level of education: undergraduate, BSC

Qualification: Landscape management and Garden construction engineering

Degree: Landscape and Garden Engineer

Program Coordinator: Dr. István Valánszki, associate professor


The aim of education is to train professionals in landscape planning, design and garden art who possess creative and design skills; the degree possessors are practiced in architectural space forming and aesthetic aspects, trained in current ecological, economical, technical aspects, and are capable for fulfilling the tasks required of the landscape architecture profession, first of all the design of gardens and open spaces.

Detailed schedule of the program:

The first 2 years is about providing fundamental knowledge mainly by lectures in different fields of the profession, though some smaller projects are included in the curriculum. Basic modules offer knowledge in natural sciences, economics and humanities (Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Botany, Dendrology, Environmental Studies, Public Administration and Law, Economy, Communication). 
Core modules include The Basics of Engineering, The History of Landscape, Urban and Garden Architecture, Architecture, Geodesy and Landscaping, Garden and Open Space Architecture, GIS and CAD, Nature Protection, Landscape planning, Environmental Protection, Urban Architecture and Urban Planning, Urban and Green Surface Management, Plant Protection of Green Surfaces, Road and Public Works Construction

In the 5th semester students specialize in 2 directions: 

  • “A” Garden construction:  Garden and Open Space Architecture, Construction, Green Surface Maintenance, Urban Protection; 
  • “B”  Landscape management: Landscape and Micro Regional Development, Landscape Protection and Rehabilitation, Landscape Architecture and Maintenance, Water Management.

The 5th and 6th semester are mainly studio projects in which students work on individual projects by the supervision of a teacher (e.g. A. garden construction specialization typical tasks: Grading plan for a residential garden; complete landscape development plan for a residential garden) The 6th semester includes a 2 weeks long design-studio during which students work on a bigger project (e.g.: courtyards of a bigger housing compound)

7th semester - 12 weeks professional practice
E.g. :  “A” garden construction specialization:
6 weeks at a landscape construction company
6 weeks at a landscape architectural company

Final exam: 

The final exam consisting of two parts:

a) professional complex exam and

b) defence of the degree thesis

The qualification opens the door for participation in different master studies, e.g.  Master of Landscape Architecture and Garden Design.

Application procedure:

Please upload the following documents  to

Completed Application Form
Curriculum vitae
Motivation Letter
High school graduation certificate – official English translation
Proof of English language proficiency
Copy of the photo page of the passport or a photo-ID
General Medical Certificate (max. 3 months old)

After uploading the required documents you will be contacted by the school to have an on-line interview  as part of your application

Fees and finances:

Tuition fee

2500 EUR / semester

Deadlines for transferring the tuition fee:

Fall semester: 15 August

Spring semester: 15 January